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About me

Hello and welcome to Qamar. I’m Freddie, a 30-something Guadeloupean woman living in Kuwait. I am a caffeine junkie and a passionate culture writer with a bit of a procrastination problem.

I love discussing books, cinema, tv series and art. Sometimes I write about social issues close to my heart.

About Qamar

‘Qamar’ (قمر) means ‘moon’ in Arabic. It is also the central character of one of my favourite Native-Caribbean tales. Qamar is where all of my experiences meet. It is female in essence and what I want to put my focus on going forward.

Qamar is a project in becoming. I want to create a platform for female Caribbean artists from all walks of life — starting with my fellow Guadeloupeans — a space to promote their work, discover their journey, understand their process and reflect on how their art inform their lives (and vice-versa).

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